Stages of Change model for attitude and behavior change

Something to think about when we try to implement any changes, at institutional level or with the students' learning habits:

Precontemplation> Contemplation> Preparation (planning)>  Action> Maintenance>Termination

The development of the model
And some related references and examples, quite far from our scope, I am afraid, but useful anyway:
  • An analysis of the model by a graduate student of Applied Psychology; Lenio 2006.
  • A nice collection of references at the Motivation at a Glance site.
  • Changing people's traveling behaviours (TravelSmart) and Reducing Alcohol harm (HAMS) have some cartoons that helped me understanding the concept. I add them in case there are more visual learners out there.
  • Trying to forget that the World Bank is behind this analysis of the Theories of Behavior Change, I have to admit that this brief report on Communication for Governance and the references therein were useful to me.

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