Women in science (or in a more general context)

Nature news talks about the real gap in the sciences Science gender gap probed

PNAS article on women's underrepresentation in science Understanding current causes of women's underrepresentation in science

The Atlantic gives a different analysis of the future of gender issues The end of men

The New York Times talks about the few women that make it to tenure positions Keeping women in science on a tenure track

Ben A. Barres commentary on Nature Does gender matter?

Harvard Business Review touches upon Why men still get more promotions than women

Londa Schiebinger writes a whole book asking Has feminism changed science? and also a short article under the same title

Peggy A. Pritchard edits Success strategies for women in science. A portable mentor

The AAAS and L'Oreal 2010 booklet on Women in Science: Forging New Paths in Green Science is available in pdf or ebook for those iPAD-like gadget users.

Cecily Cannan Selby asks Does bias in science hold women back?
P Moguerou (2002). Job Satisfaction among US PhDs: The Effects of Gender and Employment Sectors (Working Paper)

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